Rock Revolution 2018 - Muse Experience 

Per la prima volta in Italia 
Unica e sola data in Sicilia 
Il più rappresentativo tributo al mondo ai Muse 
i MUSEST sono Olandesi e pare siano davvero incredibili ...

22.00 : Open
23.00 : MUSEST - The World's #1 MUSE TRIBUTE
00.30 : Rock DJ Set Rock Revolution 
01.00 : Special Guest
Resident Blow Rock: Maurizio Di Stefano-Giorgio Di Mauro
Rock Zone:
Rock ‘n’ Roll/Rocking 80's/Indie /FlashBacks/New Wave/New Metal/Metal/Grunge/Crossover/Electro.

Ticket : 7 Euro con Blow Card
Ticket : 10 Euro Senza Blow Card
Ticket : 5 Euro dopo Live set



Info Band :
Good Muse-tribute bands are hard to find. This is because it is almost impossible to deliver the same synergy and energy as the world famous rock trio. Musest is the only Muse-tribute more than able to pull it off. Since 2007, this Dutch tribute band has been covering almost the whole of Muse's live repertoire and has done it justice on countless international gigs, resulting in impressive reviews and over 600.000 YouTube hits. Every song delicately delivered with passion and technical perfection, in combination with an overwhelming live performance, make Musest without a doubt the World's no.1 Muse tribute.

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